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I'm Alive!

Really I promise.

And apologies for the *ahem* terse language in my last post. Flash was working my last nerve. So anyway, I thought I would follow Drew's example and post something not-so-impressive just to prove that I do in fact still contribute to this place.

Click for a larger image. Anyway, this is just an old sketch that I'm reviving - an idea for a steampunk/cyberpunk/post-apocalyptica card deck. This would be the ace of... well, it's supposed to be spades but for some reason I was dumb and drew hearts up next to the 'A's. Dammit. I'll have to fix that. LOOK! There's a spade on her stomach, just pay attention to that!
But anywho, the lines are really sloppy because I'm just gonna paint over them anyway. The original sketch was done probably two or three years ago, but I still like it, and my photoshop skills have much improved since then so I might even be able to do it some justice now. Whether or not this will evolve into a full deck is yet to be seen. If I do decided to go that far, it will be a very VERY long-term project. I'll probably write up a list of what card will be what sort of people just to keep the idea in my head, but still iffy on whether the whole thing will come to fruition. HOPEFULLY I'll finish this gal though - I still really like her.

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2 Responses to “I'm Alive!”

  1. # Blogger Andrew Phillips

    This is awesome. You do steampunk really well when you want to =P  

  2. # Blogger Ari

    Thank ya sir =P  

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