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My Drawing Method - Part One

All right, here's where I show you how I work, digitally at least. I'm not saying this is the best method or even a good method. It's just what I do. Here's an image with the steps I'm explaining. Click for larger version.

So, down to business.

Step 1: A simple stick model, just to figure out the basic pose. Not much to say here - construction is just sticks and rough blobs to get a basic shape down.

Step 2: Slightly more fleshed out now, still mostly basic shapes the limbs in particular are more recognizable now. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with her right leg here, so I didn't draw it in fully.

Step 3: Here I'm trying to get in the basic outline for the nude figure - to make sure the shape is right I usually let things be transparent, so you can see things like the back arm through the leg - it's easier to keep the shape consistent if you're not breaking up lines for the sake of showing what's in front of what.

Step 4: Final rough outline for the nude figure - everything is pretty much where I want it, though still very roughly drawn, I'll get into details in the last step. It's important to do a nude before the clothing because in order to figure out how the clothing will hang you have to know what the figure under it looks like.

Step 5: Rough sketch of the clothing, so I have a basic understanding of what the costume will look like and where the largest folds will be. Simple enough.

Step 6: And finally, the polished lineart. I'm not done with this obviously, but the head and shoulders are marked out. I use a very small, round brush for this, with 100% pressure sensitive opacity and 40% pressure sensitive size.

All of this was done in Photoshop. The next post I do will be my color process, which will probably be a little more in-depth and enlightening than this.

Das Vedanya.

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