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Lookit Our Spiffy New Blog!

Oooooh, shiny.

Anywho, hlo there - I would be the female contributor to this particular art blog. Name's Ari. So yes, background information.
I'm nineteen years old at the time of this posting, and on a leave of absence from Rochester Institute of Technology for personal reasons I'd rather not delve into. Suffice to say it was voluntary and necessary. I'm looking to start a career in illustration, which I am fully aware will mean a whole lot of day-jobs while I'm getting started. I'm going to be eating Easy Mac and Instant Ramen for years after college.

Most of what you're going to see from me here will be inked sketches from my sketchbooks, color studies, and a few computer-only sketches since I'm trying to get better at working on the computer from start to finish. Fairly often my drawings involve a lot of piercings, random pieces of cyber-punk-ish accessories, and a little less clothing than you could get away with walking down the street in. If you have a problem with any of those things - deal with it. It's what I like to draw.

Now for the especially brain dead who think I'm saying I don't want criticism and have merely started this blog with my dear friend Mr. Phillips for praise, let me put it as simply as possible:

Good crit: "I'm not sure that the bandages over her tits look quite right - maybe shade or texture them different next time?"

Bad crit: "Ew, why isn't she wearing a real shirt you chauvinist!? Put some clothes on her, you're just going for shock value, blah blah blah blah...."

See the difference?

Anyhow, that's all from me - thanks in advance for anyone who ends up watching this place, and extra love to those of you who offer the ever-coveted good crit.

Das Vedanya.

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