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It Has That "New Blog" Smell

And it totally smells like ass.

Howdy visitors, I'm Drew. First of all I'd like to say that if anyone see's any weird
formatting errors with the layout to just send me an email about what went down.

Moving on from that and onto biography stuff: I'm male, nineteen years old, and heterosexual ( if you ever see a photo of me, you'll know why I tacked this on ). I live in Jefferson City, Missouri and am attending classes at Columbia College as an Education major with an undergraduate's degree in English. That's right, I want to teach high school English-- fear for your children. I'd like to do tattoos at some point, but who knows? Of course, an art career is always my dream, but unlike my dear Co-Author, I don't like Easy Mac enough.

Also unlike Ari, you won't see any traditional art from my lazy ass. Mostly digital sketches, simple black and white, colour studies, maybe a full piece every once in a while when I have the dedication. What I mostly plan on posting are my methods, thoughts, and theories about art. Sure, practice is a big factor, but there are some things that when I found them out I'd really wished someone would've let me in on it. As far as specific styles go, mine fluxes. All of my characters seem to chainsmoke, but I've never smoked in my life, and they're all pricks.

Like Ari, I'm all up for some crit, that's half the point of my spot on this blog. The other is to teach what I know, but I'd like to learn aswell. I guess that's all I have to say, hope this doesn't crash and burn like a Joss Whedon pilot episode.


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