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The Thumbnail and The Sketch ( AKA: BS POST )

I know I had planned to put up at least one sketch per day and that has obviously not happened, so let me explain. The purpose for uploading one drawing daily, whether it be a sketch or finished piece, was that I was to draw at least one time during any given day, which is something I do not do, and regretfully so; however, over the past few days I've been working on a couple commissions that I won't be able to share until I get payment for them, so I am working, I just can't show you! Sorry!

What I can do, though, is at the very least post the sketches of each of them. There are three in all, and they are all of the same male character.

Anyhow, enough with my running off at the mouth, here is the first sketch:

( Click thumbnail for full image )

Alright, to flesh out this post I'll explain what little I've done so far in this picture and what happens afterwards ( roughly ). Bare in mind that I have taken plenty more screenshots as the progress went forwards and they will be talked through as Ari has done in her previous post ( Which she did beautifully, I might add! ) but I obviously can't show you those if I can't show you the finished image!

Now! It all began with an extraordinarily small thumbnail sketch in the upper-left hand corner of a 900x900 blank image. I usually set my hard-round brush to 3 to draw my stick figure/thumbnail at a zoomed in view of 200%. It usually ends up about an inch tall and an inch wide, and several are drawn until I find one I like. This is simply to explore different poses on a small scale as not to lose time.

Once I've chosen the thumbnail I want to use, I erase all the others and free-transform it, stretching it to as big as I want the finished image to be. Now having a large, very blurry and unspecific sketch, I tint the colour to one that contrasts with black, because I intend to draw over it ( Much like if you use a red or blue drafting pencil before you go onto inks or regular pencil ) which is what you see as the blue-green behind the black sketch.

As this was a commission, I was given specific things to be included on this figure ( I was given complete artistic freedom, but I saw no reason to not go by the details in this particular case). So I would not forget anything ( I'm awful for that ) I wrote these things out to the right of the image before I began to fine-tune. I realize my hand-writing is awful ( And yes, that is how I always write ) so for anyone curious the list reads:

  • Mohawk
  • Horns
  • Bandanna ( Which I spelled wrong )
  • Visor
  • Bullet Belt
  • Collar
  • Spike Bracelet
  • Skel. Gloves ( Skeleton Gloves )
  • Scruff ( Unshaven )
  • Cig ( Cigarette )

After establishing the list, I did something similar to what Ari does, I fleshed out the figure for the most part, adding key notes in anatomical changes. I colour over my sketch or "line-art" so there's no need for mine to be as pretty as hers. Added all of the details I saw fit except for the visor, I don't really dig the raver scene, so visors are out. Was a pretty quick process, simply a new layer for the black sketch, used a hard-round brush with size-jitter set to pen pressure but no opacity-jitter. I did this above a blank ( white-filled ) layer so that I could see it without the blue-green underneath if I wanted.

Well, after I saw I was happy with that, I went on my merry way with the colouring process. I'm not sure when I'll be able to post that, but you'll get to see it eventually, promise!

That's all from me, I'll post the second sketch sometime tomorrow, I'll probably make a few more screenshots of the sketch process, or maybe even a video!

  • Time Spent: Roughly fifteen minutes
  • Tools: Intuos3, Photoshop CS3
  • Music: Zeromancer - Eurotrash ( album )


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